If someone had told me ten years ago (when I was jumping up and down markets selling ‘second hand’ clothes, eating from every buka and studying at midnight with  ‘orobo’ size soda and chocolates by my side) that Fitness would be a passion…I would have slapped that person back to reality.



I couldn’t even jog to save my community from ancient slave trade. It was that bad. Plus I had a good excuse… ‘oh, I am asthmatic, I can’t do anything strenuous’.

Oh yes, climbing the staircase to my apartment was strenuous. And I couldn’t imagine doing more than that.

Six years ago, after a stint with high blood pressure, I decided to take charge of my health. The oyibo doctor had said I needed to lose some weight.

So, I went online and read every material on losing weight and keeping it off. Prior to this time, I had already tried different kinds of diet programs. After the diet is over… usually as a result of boredom, the weight comes back in double portion.

I decided to work on my mind because I had read it could be a slow, frustrating journey. And, oh yes, it was! But one year later… I knew I had made the right call.

Losing weight was a turning point in my life. I loved myself so much more, I was healthier, I could do a lot of activities I didn’t dare try previously… mehn, I felt like super woman!

When people who knew how I looked before saw me fitting into a UK size ten…they wanted to do what I did.

Then, it hit me… it was time to turn this new passion to profit!

To be continued….


You can develop a passion at 30
– You can make money from what you love
– Your dream doesn’t have to remain a dream. Your dreams are valid.