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Ariella health and fitness Ltd is Africa’s first digital lifestyle medicine practice that uses evidence based lifestyle therapeutic intervention like nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, social connectedness, and avoidance of substance use, to prevent, treat and often times reverse chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, obesity and other non communicable lifestyle conditions.

Ariella Health and Fitness has since inception worked with over ten thousand clients digitally across six continents, yielding desired results with a 92% customer rating. She is the first and presently the only brand to offer an internationally recognized CPD accredited health coaching course in Africa.

Vision Statement

To bring healing to humanity, through their daily intentional living

Mission Statement

To use technology to engage in health advocacy, counselling, training, and coaching, to build a healthier humanity

Team Lead

Chinasa Trinitta Amadi, a Russian trained Medical Doctor, with a Masters degree in Public Health, a Board-Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician of the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine (IBLM) and a UK Certified Weight Loss Coach and Nutritionist, combines the finest of Clinical and Lifestyle Medical Practices. She is presently one of the twenty-seven Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physicians in Africa.

Dr. Amadi is passionate about helping her community to adopt healthy choices to live healthy lives. Her passion led to the founding of Africa’s first Digital Lifestyle Medicine Practice, Ariella Health and Fitness Ltd.

She is a Director at Queen of Peace Hospitals and a Co-founder of Trinitta-Rose Charity Organization, an NGO dedicated to the social and health needs of indigent members of the society. A much sought-after corporate trainer on Healthy Lifestyle and Stress Management for staff of several organizations and is also on the faculty of several consulting and training firms.

Dr Amadi has practiced in the health, fitness, and wellness field for more than eleven years, teaching, advocating, and promoting the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

She is an author and features regularly on TV, Radio, Print and Social Media programs where she shares her expertise on health and total wellness matters.

She can be contacted via her social media handle @drchinasaamadi on Instagram and [email protected]

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