Valentine Gifts for You

February is a month of love. A month of gifts. And hey, even if you do not have a ‘loved’ one to share the season, you can get yourself a gift. You deserve it!


So I want to share with you valentine gift ideas you can gift someone and even gift yourself:

1) A comprehensive health check- most laboratories have different package offers. Check out labs like Mecure, Synlab, Clinix, Afriglobal or any good lab close to you.

2) A blood pressure machine- Any BP machine is ok. However, the Omron 7 series is so cool. Can be connected to app on phone for easy use.

3) A cervical vaccine appointment- this is for all the ladies. Click HERE to find a center and breast cancer scan centers HERE

4) A mental health consultation- you can schedule an appointment with Dr Anwuri Macee on She is good. tell her I referred you.

5) A Sleep health consultation. You can schedule appointment with Dr Ore Makinde on

6) A healthy food basket/box: Check out @sorooted and @kaabakitchenbakery on Instagram. Tell them I referred you

7) Spice box collection: Spices are loaded with antioxidants and phytonutrients. You can check out @beloved_spices.herbs, @naturefirstng, @agas_wholesome , @udyfoods and @holonaturales on Instagram.

8) A Lifestyle Medicine Consultation: You can WhatsApp me on +2349022713581 or +2349122400623 to schedule one. Or jump in on a discounted program. Click HERE

9) A spa/ massage/ stress relief session: Check out @funtaakbeautyclinic on Instagram

See eh, health is everything. Only a healthy body can drive an exotic car or run a business maximally. Our bodies are the only vehicles we get to run on in this life. We can’t run such high grade ‘machine’ on low grade maintenances.


This  year, show love by investing in the health of your loved ones. And hey! Don’t forget…Love starts with you!



Dr Chinasa