The AHF Intermittent Fasting Protocol


The 2020 lockdown was the birth of our Ariella Health and Fitness (AHF) 7-day Medically Supervised Intermittent Fasting Challenge, even though I have personally practiced intermittent fasting for more than 8 years at the time. Since June 2020, we have had over 6000 clients pass through our challenges. It is one of our most sought-after programs.



What makes AHF 7- day Medically Supervised Fasting Challenge different?

The AHF Fasting Protocol

This protocol is different from any other intermittent fasting guide you may have come across in the past. This intermittent fasting protocol is not cast on the typical 16:8, 20:4, 12:12 patterns of intermittent fasting. In this case you won’t even know that you are on an intermittent fast because you get to eat the foods you are used to. Real, readily available, and affordable meals; rice, beans, swallow, soups, plantains, potatoes, yams etc. The best part, they do it under medical supervision, from the comfort of their homes. Yes! It is all done digitally!

Clients are in a small community, where they stay accountable and are motivated to stay consistent.

The hours in the AHF fasting protocol vary per participant as the challenge offers an intense and a modified fasting schedule.

This works.

Let me tell you, intermittent fasting when done right, can transform your health for the long term. Clients on our programs have experienced reduction in blood pressure, blood sugar, lost weight and sleep better. Intermittent fasting does not work for a lot of people because they have not learnt to do it right.

In the coming weeks, I will write more on the AHF fasting protocol…


See you soon.


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