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Santa Body Meal plan!





Fitness, Meal Plan

Hey lovelies!
Compliments of the season to you all!!
This is a season to be joyful. A season for giving.jj


That is why I am giving out this meal plan though on popular demand by the wonderful dedicated ladies on the ‘get your santa body Challenge”.

Please if you have tried out any of the meal plans on this blog, do comment here or on any of our social media pages and give us feedback.

This meal plans are created for the average Nigerian. They are affordable and accessible. So you do not have any excuse.

If you are new here and plan to follow this meal plan,  Start with the detox meal plan first then you can go ahead with this or the other ‘busy mums meal plan’.

I guarantee you will definitely see positive results if you follow this meal plans bumper to bumper




  • Zenice

    December 4, 2015., 5:56 am / Reply

    Thanks Ariella. I'm still BFing I want to try this need to loose at least 40 pounds. Some can't afford a nutritionist or fitness coach.

    • Dr chinasa

      December 4, 2015., 6:29 am / Reply

      you can try it, after review with your doctor. but remember, if you do get hungry you can add oats, fruit salad, or some other healthier alternative.

    • Dr chinasa

      December 9, 2015., 11:41 am / Reply

      you can follow the santa meal plan or the busy mum meal plan. Subscribe to this blog and follow us on our instagram page also for regular updates.

  • Kunbi

    December 9, 2015., 9:27 am / Reply

    Hello Dr Chinasa.. Good job u doing here... I know u said a nursing mother should not follow ur previous meal plan but can a nursing mom follow this one ???? Please say YES

    • Dr chinasa

      December 9, 2015., 11:42 am / Reply

      yes maam. remember to consult with your doctor before you embark on any lifestyle modification.

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