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Have you tried to lose weight and despite all your efforts, it seems like village people are on your matter? Have you worked so hard to shed that belly fat but it is like an unshakable mountain? Then i have something for you… Why Are You Not Losing Weight Click the Image to get your […]

Carrot Detox Juice

Have i said happy new year to you all? HAPPY 2020 *inserts jumps and hugs* Can you tell i am excited? To be able to sustain your  healthy lifestyle journey, you have to eat according to your budget. One tip i always recommend is that you eat fruits and foods in season. When a food […]


If you have been on this healthy lifestyle journey for a while, you will agree with me that weekends can be toughest. Sometimes or maybe most times, we fall off the wagon on weekends.  But is it supposed to be so? This can happen especially when there is no adequate planning. I always say, planning […]

Healthy Oil-less Okro soup

This is one Nigerian soup that is weight loss friendly and the truth is, you will actually not miss the oil. Did i tell you i made the soup with less than N1000?   1 part of pre cooked Chicken/fish/beef (i used fish) + stock 1 teaspoon of peppersoup spices (usually sold in a blend) […]

Ramadan Healthy Meal Plan Guide

Another Fasting season is upon us. This meal plan idea was conceived by popular demand to help go through Ramadan without gaining weight. A fasting season is  a time for us to draw spiritually to God, and can also be a good time to draw closer to our healthy goals. Fasting can help you loose […]

Detox for Weight loss

These days, foods we eat are laden with lots of chemicals and preservatives. These toxins can have adverse effects on our bodies. Thus the need for a detox. A detox is a form of cleansing, getting rid of toxins in the body.   The liver and kidneys are the body’s detoxifying organs. However, it is […]

Santa Body Meal plan!

Hey lovelies! Compliments of the season to you all!! This is a season to be joyful. A season for giving.   That is why I am giving out this meal plan though on popular demand by the wonderful dedicated ladies on the ‘get your santa body Challenge”. Please if you have tried out any of […]


Hey Hey Lovelies!! I have attached a Detox Meal plan for you to try out. If you are Nigerian in Nigerian, you do not have to break the bank trying to lose weight! You know our economy na.   So Just download, read the instructions and plan to take charge of your health today. Please share […]

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