Did you know that the WHO has highlighted non communicable diseases example diabetes, hypertension, cancers e.t.c  as a risk factor for becoming seriously ill with COVID-19?

Recent studies have shown that overweight and obesity are also likely to be risk factors for worse outcomes in those infected by COVID-19. Data from the UK showed that two-thirds of the people who had fallen seriously ill with corona virus were overweight or had obesity. Another report from Italy showed that 99% of deaths from COVID-19 had been in patients with a preexisting health condition like hypertension, cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.

The pandemic is likely to cause a strain on food systems and creates less opportunities for people to be physically active. It can also impact on mental health due to challenges faced from lessened social engagements and isolation.

It is important to strive at these times to be the healthiest you can be.

Create a schedule in your isolation

Move more in your space. Switch things up intermittently. Make it fun.

Incorporate fruits and vegetables in your meals daily

Try meditating regularly

Do not underestimate the power of a good sleep.