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Nigerian foods. Counting your calories 2





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Happy democracy Day! Today a new dawn begins in Nigeria. The change we all anticipate, the change we voted for is finally here. I just hope and pray we won’t be disappointed. We have suffered enough in this 9ja biko. God help us.

As I always say, In life, there are a number of things  we can’t control. We can’t control the fuel scarcity. We can’t control the availability of electricity. But we can definitely control what goes into our mouths. For some people, they will argue that it’s not an easy feat.

But hey, it’s your eyes, your hands and your mouth. So what’s uneasy about it? We have to make efforts to know the nutritional value and benefits of our foods.

So we continue part 2 of calories in Nigerian foods.

1 boiled chicken leg 292cal

1 slice of wheat bread 60cal

1 slice of white bread 90cal

1 medium catfish 230cal

1tablespoon of palm oil 120cal

100g of snail 90cal

85g of pork 310cal

1 cup of okro 33cal

1 cup of sliced Ugu 15cal

1 cup of pounded yam 306cal

1 slice of fried plantain 65cal

1 cup of eba 200cal

Medium sized white small corn 100cal

1 Mr biggs meatpie 357cal

1 cup of plantain flour 390cal

1 cup of whole grain wheat flour 405calories

1 cup of poundo yam flour 940cal

1 cup of sweet potatoes 114cal

50g (about 2 large sized) of native pear (ube) 117cal


**measurements used here is the regular baking measuring cups. And they are approximates for cooked foods.


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  • Charles

    May 29, 2015., 11:57 pm / Reply

    I've learnt of lessons and the very need to apply more caution in my reckless dietary habits. Certainly know I'd be learning much more in days to come from here. Nice job. Bravo.

  • Aramide

    May 30, 2015., 1:48 pm / Reply


  • Loretta

    June 5, 2015., 6:42 am / Reply

    Dr Nasa, , What's the maximum amount of calories permitted for a day, For one on a diet?

    • ariellafitness

      June 5, 2015., 11:33 am / Reply

      At least 1200cal on average.

  • Mimi

    June 5, 2015., 11:24 am / Reply

    Ariellafitness your really doing a great job out there trust me, have learnt a lot and looks forward to learning more. Kudos

  • Rhodes

    July 9, 2016., 9:36 pm / Reply

    Thanks ma'am.


    July 15, 2016., 10:35 pm / Reply

    […] To ensure a healthy lifestyle, you have to know what to eat, when to eat it and how much you should it. A lot of people swear by calorie-counting their foods to ensure there healthy lifestyle. Well, its about whatever works for you. Just make sure you are not eating below the amount your body needs to operate optimally. And calorie-counting is pretty tough with our Nigerian meals. (Refer here for calories in Nigerian foods Here and Here) […]

  • Chidi

    October 20, 2016., 8:30 am / Reply

    What do you mean by a slice of fried plaintain,please?

    • Dr Chinasa

      October 20, 2016., 8:38 pm / Reply

      the N10 slice sold around

  • onyebuchi

    November 27, 2017., 10:06 pm / Reply

    Thank you Dr ariella, this is the beat weightloss and healthy lifestyle blog I have ever come across. You are simply the best. So selfless and you are indeed a blessing to us. God bless you.

    • Dr Chinasa

      November 28, 2017., 7:52 am / Reply

      Thank you so much for reading. I appreciate greatly. Please share with friends and family. Let us keep spreading the healthy lifestyle gospel.

  • Nkechi Ojogor

    September 29, 2020., 1:28 pm / Reply

    Nice..... Weldone Doc.

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