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How to check your blood pressure accurately





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Did you know there are rules for checking your blood pressure (BP) accurately? Yes, you should check your BP regularly. But it is important you do so right.


Blood pressure

So, before measuring your BP:

🔴Make sure your bladder is empty. Go and urinate.
🔴Now, rest comfortably and quietly for 5 minutes before measuring blood pressure.
🔴Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, or exercising within 60 minutes of measuring blood pressure.
🔴Think of a happy event in your life. Breathe in and out deeply 5 times. Relax.


When measuring BP:

🔴Take readings at the same time each day.
🔴Do not talk when checking
🔴Sit with your back straight, legs uncrossed, and feet flat on the floor.
🔴Rest the arm (left arm preferably) on a flat surface so that the upper arm is at heart level.
🔴Place the cuff on the left arm so that the bottom of the cuff is directly above the elbow crease.
🔴Take two or three readings approximately 1 minute apart and calculate the average value.
🔴Keep a record of all readings


Just to refresh your memory on the numbers to look out for when you measure your blood pressure:

                                       Systolic (mmHg)                                           Diastolic (mmHg)

Normal                                 <120                    and                                  <80

Elevated                              120-129               and                                  <80

Stage 1 Hypertension          130-139               or                                    80-89

Stage 2 Hypertension           >140                   or                                    >90

Hypertensive Crises              >180                   and/or                             >120


Now, tell me, have you been checking your blood pressure accurately, or you have been making some errors?



  • Osa's Liz

    October 29, 2022., 7:46 am / Reply

    Na wa o. That means even hospitals do it wrongly. Wow! Thanks for the information, it's so valuable.

    • Dr Chinasa

      October 31, 2022., 3:35 pm / Reply

      You are welcome

    • Dr Chinasa

      October 31, 2022., 3:35 pm / Reply

      You are welcome...

  • zulfah taiwo

    October 29, 2022., 8:56 am / Reply

    hi .Will definitely follow through ,when next am checking my pressure. a big thank you.

    • Dr Chinasa

      October 31, 2022., 3:36 pm / Reply

      My pleasure

  • Mariam

    October 29, 2022., 9:11 am / Reply

    Thanks for these tips Dr!!!

    • Dr Chinasa

      October 31, 2022., 3:36 pm / Reply

      You are welcome

  • glowreal

    October 29, 2022., 1:53 pm / Reply

    Thank you, Dr.

  • Imaobong

    October 29, 2022., 3:26 pm / Reply

    Thanks for this update.

  • Binta

    October 29, 2022., 4:23 pm / Reply

    Thank you.

  • Favour Adeyinka

    October 30, 2022., 3:13 am / Reply

    Wow 👏 thanks alot dear Dr,I have actually been doing it the wrong way.lesson learnt.

    • Dr Chinasa

      October 31, 2022., 3:36 pm / Reply

      Thank you for reading.

  • Abass

    October 30, 2022., 4:31 am / Reply

    Great Write up ma’am. This will definitely be helpful. Thanks a mega

  • samba nyirenda

    October 30, 2022., 5:45 am / Reply

    Thanks so so much, very handy, Will share.

  • Olajumoke Sarah

    October 30, 2022., 7:59 am / Reply

    The hospital has been checking my pressure wrongly, no wonder it's always high at the hospital but normal at home. I will stick to a particular time from now. Thank you Dr for the information shared.

    • Dr Chinasa

      October 31, 2022., 3:36 pm / Reply

      You are welcome

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