You have been giving a whole  1 hour daily exercising but nothing. Your dresses are not getting looser. Your arms still same size, and the scale! Oh the scale!! 🙁







What is going on? Why me? Why is the fat occupying permanent residency in my body? 🙁

NEWS FLASH!  70-80%  of weight loss depends on your DIET! Yes! What you eat matter most!

Now what most people do is they give exercising 80% and eat crap most of the time. I’m so sorry to break the bad news. That spare tire is going no where. Until you modify.


Exercising improves your mood, Increases your fitness level, improves heart health, and improves your metabolism too among many other benefits.

However, If you are about weight loss, Then you have to take a close look at everything that goes into your mouth.  And that is the hard part. But it is so possible. Start with a sustainable approach and stick to it.

But then, First if you don’t succeed, try again and again and again. Keep your goal in mind and work to get to it.


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