10- Minute Walk For A Healthier You

Do you know you can walk for 10 minutes and still yield tremendous fitness results? Yes! a 10- minute walk, over time, can significantly reduce your cholesterol level, improve your heart health, improve your mood and you may even lose some weight when combined with a healthy eating plan.



Whether you decide to walk outside or you are walking on a thread mill or even walking to music right in your living room,  you can make the most of these walking workouts.  Now, lets move.


We have 10 minutes and the clock starts now…

Warm up (2 minutes): Walk at a leisure pace, very easy and gradually.In the second minute, start building up intensity.

Interval walk (6 minutes): continue at same pace in the 3rd minute, keep going….break into a jog in the 4th minute. Gradually slow down tempo into a brisk walk in the 5th minute. By the 6th minute, be walking at an easy leisure pace.  Break into another jog in the 7th minute, stay at this tempo for 1 minute. Gradually slow down in the 8th minute. keep at this pace.

Cool down (2 minutes): walk in gradually into a comfortable pace were you can control your breathing and heart rate is steady.

And you are done! Or maybe repeat!

Now tell me, how do you feel?



You actually do not need such a long time to exercise. Just make use of the time you have and maximize your workout.