IMG_20150531_165952Happy Tuesday  people!!

How has the new month been?  Well we are just 2days in,  but every new month,  everyday is an opportunity to start anew.  It is an opportunity to make positive changes in your life.  Everyday is a chance.  Don’t miss it.

This is why Ariella Fitness presents free monthly challenges you can take part in.  This month of June,  we are dropping 50squats daily.  Only 50!


There are so many benefits of squatting but I will mention a few:

Burns fat

Builds and Tones muscles

Helps circulation

Since it’s low impact,  it’s mild on your knees

Squats can be done anywhere at anytime

…. And many more


So stop the Excuses. Get up and workout.  Take charge of your health and begin the transformation.  Follow me on IG @drchinasatrinitta for more fitness motivation.  Post up pictures of your workouts,  with #squatinjune.   The thing about posting up photos is that they will keep you accountable.  You can’t fall your own hand in public. So you will keep it up.  Oya.. Let’s go there!!!