Now, Snacking. This is one thing that makes weight loss very complex  for a lot of people.

The most common snack options in Nigeria are the sausage rolls sold on the traffic, plantain chips, coconut chips, meat pies, egg rolls and some more.

Now the thing is 1 regular meatpie has over 350calories, which is equivalent to approx 30mins intensive exercise.

So Ebere wakes up in the morning and does some sit ups for 15mins then thats it. She probably would have burnt between 100-150 cals depending on her intensity. Now where does the deficit go?  Not calculating the other foods she has eating in the day oh.

But of course, it shall be resident somewhere in your body.

Make healthy choices when it comes to snacking. it could be the reason why the scale is either not changing or its keeping to the right.



Indomie.  I truly don’t understand the love we have for noodles.  I loved it too before i saw the light! Before the advent of noodles, biko nu, what were children eating?  And we turned out really fine.

Noodles  is just purely carbohydrates, no other better food group. But the Sodium in it is my major cause of worry, it can cause hypertension, heart disease, even stroke. with one small pack of noodles having over 300cal,

If you want to treat yourself, work for it. Train hard for every ‘cheat meal’. Earn your excesses. That way, you will learn self control. It doesn’t happen overnight. Allow yourself to grow.  Be patient. gradually withdraw. Trust me, the withdrawal symptoms will not persist for so long. you will be fine.

Are you ready?




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