Loosing weight on Nigerian food




People who have been on this weight loss journey in Nigeria have complained about not having access to healthy foods. And most times i am like huh?

We should be thankful that we are not yet genetically producing chicken like in obodo oyibo. You know that moment when you see a-day old chick in a poultry and 3 days later the chicken is fully grown and laying eggs sef  (oyinbo miracles).  We still have farms where vegetables are grown normally. not like growing Ugu in a sitting room. So we still have access to organic foods.

Now the problem is, we eat TOO MUCH. We want to make soup, until we make sure the soup is red like blood from the amount of palm oil we put in, we havent started cooking. in one pot of soup there is chicken, beef, stockfish, ponmo, roundabout, dryfish.  Ah Ah….

Its not rocket science. You can not take in more calories than you expend and expect a change. Oh yes, there will be change. The scale will keep tipping to the right and you will keep amending your clothes to a larger size.



You can not be eaten like King Herod and expect to loose weight. Portion control is key. If you are really serious about weight loss, you will discipline yourself.

The timing of your food matters. If you plan to eat pounded yam, amala, eba, or even semo have it in the early hours of the afternoon. No one says you have to eat eba at night.  However, you can make lighter swallow choices like using oats or acha (fonio).

Eat your yam with moderation. You can alternate yam for sweet potatoes most of the time.

Oil bean seed (Ugba)   is a rich source of protein.  Enjoy wisely.

Use more tatashe in your foods and reduce palm oil to still achieve that popping red color.

Enjoy your moimoi more often than having akara every morning. Save akara for days when you work out well. Earn every extra calorie.



You can still enjoy our traditional dishes. But you do not have to eat them like they are running out of fashion.

Staying healthy is not expensive.  You just have to apply wisdom.  You have to know where to shop and when to shop for what.

And you have to exercise. The healthy eating and exercise go together. Make time. Just 15 mins 5 times a week.

Use our vegetables. We have a lot of Ugu, green, efo, waterleaves, moringa. Use them. Dont be looking for kale and spinach every time. They are not so cheap in our environment. Except you stay in Jos.

Small changes in your meals, will definitely yield changes in your waist line. And you will be glad you did.




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