Healthy Snacks 1

Hello Lovelies,

Hope life has been treating you fairly despite the economic challenges?   Today I am going to suggest some snack options you can have as you go along your day.

Most people complain about wanting to munch on something as the day goes by.  Thus making ‘children of God’ eat unhealthy options. Gala,  meatpie,  cookies,  chocolate e. T. C. After 1 month,  you’d start praying against ‘village people’  like they are opposing your weightloss journey.  Mba,  you are the culprit.  Yes.  You eat healthy,  but do you snack healthy?



boiled peanuts are better alternative to their roasted counterparts. They are lower in calories and fats too.  1boiled peanuts is about 3calories unlike 1 roasted peanut that is 5 calories.  A cup of boiled groundnut go for N50. Thus making it budget friendly.  Caution though, eat with care,  lest you consume a basin full of boiled  groundnut unconsciously.



Tiger nuts are really accessible around the country.  Outside 9ja, these nuts are pretty pricy.  And we get them really cheap.  Appreciate them.  25g of tiger nuts has about 96calories. They come in wet and dry forms.

Benefits of tiger nuts include:

1)helps control blood pressure

2) gives your body more potassium than banana

3)can help prevent cancer and heart disease

4)helps control diabetes

5)high in resistant starch

6)good replacement for animal milk.

7)high Fibre content

Do I need to say more? Invest in Aki hausa.



Date Palms are rich in minerals and Fibre too.  25g of date plams contain about 70cals.

Benefits of Dates include:

Relief from constipation,  Anaemia,   heart problems,  and sexual dysfunction .

Dates should be eaten with caution as they can be addictive because of its sweetness. And it can be really filling too.

So what your excuse of your journey to good health??