Friday Health Rant!

Excuse me!  Yes!  Excuse me.!  I don’t understand your reasons.  Yes you!!  I have refused to understand your reasons for  eating junk food daily.  I can not comprehend why you are so busy that you can’t take care of your health.

You choose to  deal with the hypertension that has developed from your choices. You choose to remain morbidly obese and think it’s enjoyment.

OK… So let me try to ‘re-reason’.  You stay in Lagos, you work in the bank, leave for work at 5.30am,  (so you don’t have time to prepare your food.. Says who? ),  so you have to eat the super oily beans and jollof rice from the food hawkers,  ????????then you seat at your desk working till 5pm.???? You start heading back home and get stuck on traffic,  so you get home between 9pm and 11pm. When you get home, you then have to become a wife and a mother all over again.  Yes,  Life is tough.


My opinion:

*draw up a weekly meal plan and plan your meals.

*Prepare real foods in the weekend and pack your own foods to work.

*Wake up a little earlier and put in 10mins exercise daily.

*At the office, you can throw in 20squats every time you go to use the rest room. Stand up and walk around from time to time.

*keep sipping on your water throughout your day.  Aim for 3L while at work.

*pre pack your fruits,  nuts,  protein bars for snacking

*stay out of the cookie/sweet jar at the office.

*Rewire your mind. Plan to stay disciplined . Fitness is not a destination.  It’s a Journey. A life long journey.


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