You can get it if you really want

Have you ever worked so hard at something, put in your best efforts then failed? As in grand style kind of failing!  Well, it has happened to me so many times in my 30- something years on earth. So many times.. Especially on this weight loss journey


When i have a target, i always put in my very best. Just so that the excuse will not be that i did not work hard enough. I put in so much effort. I work at it with my life! Then when i fail at that target. It crushes me. Its pretty hard for me to express my emotions adequately but i try.  However not without an episode of binge eating. Yes! Emotional eating is a real thing.

But then…while at that low state… I remember…I am not a quitter. First you don’t succeed, dust yourself up and try again! (Thanks Aaliyah) Try! Try! Try Again!

Now answer these questions: Have you tried so many times to lose weight? Have you given up? did you try up to 99 times?  Are you a quitter? Do you think you can not lose weight?

You are stronger than you actually think. One thing i believe is that God does not allow challenges we can not handle to come to us. For everyone, His grace is sufficient for you. So do not give up. Do not give in. Commit to put in effort one more time. Then maybe one more time. Set a realistic weight loss target and work towards crushing that goal!

Remember…if you fail, you are allowed to cry! You are allowed to sulk! But you are NOT allowed to stay sulking!  Get up!

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in day out!

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Please listen to this song…And be encouraged!