Wonder Woman hustle : kryptonite edition (guest post)

I’m on quest to look like a muscular version of Wonder woman (basically like Serena Williams,
just less booty. MUCH LESS). People consider me to be pretty disciplined but if you know me
well, you know my downfall are sweets. I love cake. I love cookies. I love ice cream, donuts,
chocolate. I am sugar addict. I love all things sweet and have little to no self control when it
comes to it (except tea). I like my tea unsweetened. Granules of actual sugar kind of makes
me sick. (Weird I know). One cupcake? No four please. And I will INHALE them without
shame. It’s really the only thing that’s keeping me from being great on this quest because…
Abs are sculpted in the gym but MADE in the kitchen.
I didn’t want to believe that last part but it is unfortunately true. What you eat REALLY makes
a difference if you want the muscle definition you’re gaining in the gym to show up and show
out, particularly if you’re like me and started out on the chunky side of the spectrum. Fat in the
body is soft yet stubborn and it loves the sugar, especially refined sugar.
Alright so how do I avoid the sugar?


Superman ran from his kryptonite but me I run towards it with open arms. Not anymore. I
So I’m in my 4th week of no refined sugar/ no grains (no breads, no oatmeal, no pastries, no
ice cream) with cheat days. In the past, I’ve done this for a month and then return back to my
normal eating schedule of sweets all day every day. Bad. This time, I’m looking to change my
lifestyle because eating all that sugar is detrimental to my health (sugar can play a part in a
weakened immune system. Who has the time for that?)….and I want abs!
In order for this to succeed I have to pinpoint where my self control is the LOWEST. and
surprise surprise it’s when I’m hungry, stressed or and/or aggravated (often. Life is hard man!).
Science story short, sugar really does operate like a drug. It kind of affects your brain like
cocaine lol (I guess I could drink but liquor has so many damn calories). It makes sense that
my need for sugar is high when stress levels are high. So I’m working on my stress levels.
Which was not as hard as I thought. I pray more often, pretend a lot of people don’t exist and I
handle issues once my spirit is agitated by it. And when I’m hungry, I look past all the lovely
donuts in the office and grab real food. Meal prepping your own food and bringing your own
snacks to work is actually a good buffer if you, like me, work in an environment where sweets
are everyone. For free (so hard to say no to free cupcakes. so damn hard)
And then discipline. I always say I’m not disciplined but that’s certainly not true. It’s easier
(and tastier) to not be but the potential to never eat cake again is deep inside me. I work out
4 to 5 times a week, I no longer drink soda or juice. I no longer eat rice (can you imagine a
Nigerian that doesn’t eat rice? Yes. Hi we exist. (No it’s not jazz that’s holding us). So I’m
capable. That’s the thing. We’re all capable of avoiding that food that’s like kryptonite to our
bodies but heaven to our brains (endorphin and shit)
In the past, i would do a month of no refined sugars and grains. And I would end up trying to
make up for all the sugar in the months to come, negating all my struggle and effort. This time
I plan on turning this no sugar thing with cheat days into a lifestyle.
Jesus be a fence.
It’s worth it though. I’ll keep y’all updated.

Oh btw. Hey. Hi. I’m Uchechi. I’m on the other side of the Atlantic and you’ll be hearing from
me every now and then. i’m on my way to becoming Wonderwoman, living in a regular world
with some pretty irregular life situations and amazing people, currently working in health
administration. I lift heavy. And I’m working on divorcing sugar.