Wonder Woman Edition: Keeping Fit While Traveling

Hello hello! I’ve returned and I want to address a subject that tends to come up from time to time: traveling while keeping fit.




So yeah, you’re on this fit journey and in the midst of it, life continues. Deciding to eat kale instead of a slice of cake really doesn’t excuse you from the expectations of your life. This includes traveling and we all travel for various reasons. But I have noticed a couple of you like to use traveling as a way to fall off the wagon (Yes. You. You know its you!). I’m here to tell you:




One huge part of a fit and healthy lifestyle is learning to incorporate it into all aspects of your life. The problem is we tend to only consider this at home. We learn to prepare meals for work, learn to avoid certain small chops at parties, but when we have to travel out, we assume the rules no longer apply. Meanwhile, the same body we were utilizing at home is the same one we traveled out with (funny how the mind rationalizes our behaviours). Why do we do this? If we are honest, it’s because it makes life easier while we are out. And who wants to be inconvenienced, especially if they are on vacation?


So how can you be on track while you’re away without driving yourself crazy? Prepare your mind. You CAN make a conscious decision to stay on track while away. You can also decide to say “You know what? I don’t want to care about what I eat while I’m away. I just want to enjoy”. Neither answer is wrong.


Uchechi didn’t you just say traveling isn’t an excuse?


I did and it still isn’t. The difference with the latter decision is that it is made knowing you’re not excused and keeps you accountable. You will accept any consequences that may come with such a decision.  Making such a decision also allows you to go hard with your workouts and eating before and after your time away from home. You can’t outrun a bad diet but you can prepare your metabolism for those few days you choose not to pay attention to your diet.


Do your research. Most of us know beforehand we will be traveling out so know about where you are going. What kind of food will be available to you, will you have time to be active, is there a gym available for you and if not, is there space for you to do body workouts? The answers you receive will determine what you need to do to stay on target.  Whenever I travel, I bring food with me. How much food depends on my mode of transportation and where I will be staying.


If you’re staying with people, don’t be afraid to speak up about your eating habits. Saying things aloud and to others is a great way to stay accountable. If you’re at someone’s house, tell them you’d like to be on target. This does not mean you want to inconvenience them and have them cooking completely different meals for you. You just want them to be aware and not feel disrespected if you skip a particular food. It also will allow them to tell you where you can find the foods that do fit your diet. Never feel pressured to eat something that you don’t want to eat because you are afraid your mother in law or your big auntie will be angry. They’ll get over it.


Finally, give yourself space. Determination carries you a long away but you still are away from home and sometimes we can’t do what we thought we would be able to do. Find alternatives for your usual workouts. Keep an open mind about the food. If you are somewhere with a different cuisine, explore it. It can offer you healthy options you can bring back home with you. There may not be healthy options but if you really want to it, then eat it. The point is to stay accountable and not excuse yourself. If someone asks, be honest about why you ate the fried shrimp. You are human. It’s okay. When you are honest with yourself, it removes the guilty feelings.


Happy and safe travels to you all!