Why am I not losing weight? 1

It’s now pretty common place in Nigeria to see women and some men running/jogging/walking/crawling the streets in the mornings. Especially Saturday mornings. People are trying to make decisions to live healthy lives; to live longer. People are saying NO to obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. But then, the major problem arises, you are working so hard, yet losing 1 kg in 2 months- what is the problem?

While there are no easy answers to that, there are a lot of things to consider. First of all, what are you eating?

It is not news that 9ja foods are really high in calories. So does that mean we should stop eating? No. This is where PORTION CONTROL  comes in. When it comes to our foods, you have to know when and how to eat whatever you are eating.

Take for example. Nasa, who is a banker, goes running for 30 mins in the morning and burns approximately 250cals. As soon as she gets back she has breakfast of fried plantain, fried yam and egg sauce (approx 700cal) and green tea. Then she is off to work.


For lunch Nasa eats a plate of egusi soup with meat and pounded yam (approx 1250cal) , then for dinner she makes a smoothie with 3bananas and a N100 wedge of water melon (approx 300cal).


This becomes a daily routine. Then on weekends she has her cheat days and rewards her “hardwork” with some cake, meatpie, fried plantains and a cup of ice cream.

What is she doing wrong?
She is eating a lot more than she is spending (i.e burning). Of course the deficit has to stay somewhere. And that place is definitely not the toilet. J

She needs to make better food choices -replace fried foods for grilled or boiled variants. For lunch, she should invest in okro and vegetable soups. Save egusi soup for rainy days and also replace her choice of swallow with wheat or oat. For dinner, stick to 1 banana (banana is a high calorie fruit).

To be continued….

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