Whole wheat peppered pizza

2015-11-26 15.02.23

The things we can do with what we have are amazing.

The question is, are you stocking your house with healthy variants?

Firstly, always have whole wheat flour at home. You can buy the wheat grains at any open market, and right there, you will see a miller to grind it.  Substituting your white flour for this healthier option is a major step. and you can use this for a lot of recipes for the family.

Secondly, you can get a lot of oyibo food from the big supermarkets. I have gone round a lot of supermarkets, now I know where tin tomatoes is cheapest at(economy crises).  Always make time to compare prices. It’s heart breaking to be buying something that can be N500 for N1500. Chai, that’s the height of heart break eziokwu.

When you are buying, always read the product content, calorie content and nutritional value guide on each product. Don’t just buy. It’s very important. Not everything edible are actually edible (you get bah?).

Ok, so back to the subject matter. Don’t mind the not so exciting look oh. This pizza was the ish! You will never buy commercial pizza once you start making yours at home. Total preparation and cooking time 32mins (inclusive of distractions).

2 cups of whole wheat flour

1/2 tspn of yeast

5tbsp of Nigerian tomato stew

1 bell of green pepper diced

2 pcs of boiled chicken (shredded)

1 pcs of ata rodo (red pepper) diced

5 olives (optional)

80g of cheddar cheese (grated)



Put in the 2 cups of wheat flour in a bowl.

Mix the yeast in 1/4 cup of  hot (not boiling) water, then pour into bowl with flour and mix

Add in 1/2 cup of water in the flour mix gradually, until dough comes together.

Cover and keep aside for 10mins. (In 9ja, as everywhere is hot, it will set fast. If you are in winter zone, keep the bowl in warm area)


Heat oven at 240°C

Use 1 tspn of cholesterol free oil to rub in the dough with your palm, then put on a surface and roll with a rolling pin.

Oil the baking tray, then place the rolled out dough.

Rub on your tomato stew on the surface

Put on in this order, shredded chicken,diced green and red pepper, olives, then grated cheese topmost.

Put into oven for 12mins.

Bring out and serve.


Struggle to resist the temptation.

The Lord is your strength.

Enjoy. Guilt free!

*thank you Foodace for the inspiration