If you have been following the news, especially in this coronavirus era, you may have heard the name, Dr Fauci. Well, he is one of the world’s most trusted experts on diseases and America’s Infectious disease leading man. You can find more about him here.

So there is his equivalent in China-  Dr Nanshan. He is China’s infectious disease leading man with decades of experience in infectious diseases.  You can read up more about him here.


Dr Nanshan

Very recently, Dr Nanshan gave an interview to the CNN. He was asked, how is he staying safe in these ‘covidian’ times, and he said he eats little portions, lots of fruits and vegetables and exercises regularly!

The amazing part is that he is 83  years old! And is super sound!

Now tell me, what is your excuse?

What is stopping you from eating healthy??

What is stopping you from exercising?

Why are you still over eating?

Why are you not staying consistent?

Studies have shown that over 90% of deaths from COVID 19 had other comorbidities.

This is not a time to develop hypertension or diabetes or any other chronic illness. There is no better time to be a healthier you that today.

Take charge of your health today.


No not tomorrow! TODAY!


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