Weightloss on a budget

So, if you are an average Nigerian in Nigeria, you will definitely be feeling the heat circulating currently. Cries of Inflation and hard economy are everywhere. Cost of living is so high that a lot of people are just living each day as it comes.

It’s challenging, Yes. At times like these most people are not concerned with purchasing healthy food. But you see, the truth of the matter is that the cost of the healthy stuff has not dramatically increased.


Go for foods locally grown.  Eat foods that are in season. Go for foods that are grown in the locality you live.

Ugu (fluted pumpkin leaves), okro, green vegetable, carrots, sweet potatoes, wheat, e.t.c are still affordable and available.

However if you go in search of imported healthy foods, don’t complain oh. That is your taste….you go cough money wey follow your taste.

Eat a balanced diet. If you say na only vegetables you go dey chop, na serious long thing oh. Or if you say you are on a protein diet? In Nigeria? You had better own an animal farm!

If you cannot afford a gym membership now, or equipment for exercises, exercise in your home. Carry block. Use the local mat or use towel sef for exercise mat. Get up and move.

Discipline is a virtue that will see you through such periods and you will not have to keep eating that steaming jollof rice from the mama put right beside your bus stop every morning.

Like the saying goes, “tough times don’t last but tough people do”.  Are you a tough person?