If you have been on this healthy lifestyle journey for a while, you will agree with me that weekends can be toughest. Sometimes or maybe most times, we fall off the wagon on weekends.  But is it supposed to be so?

This can happen especially when there is no adequate planning. I always say, planning is key to succeeding on this weight loss journey.

If you know you have parties or events to attend through the weekend, ensure you do not lose your goal focus because of the parties. And of course it is important that you have fun too.

So you must plan all daily meals around this event. Eat light before the party so that you have your main meal for the day at the event.That way, you do not exceed your daily calorie goal.

Also, while at the parties, get up and dance! Move your body! Remember, you are meant to have fun. So have fun and burn some calories while at it! You can burn as much as 1000 calories in one hour of intense dancing! So dance!


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Have a happy weekend