Warrior Series: Hajara’s story

July 2015 hmmm that pivotal moment that it just clicks in ur head that now is the time I want to do this.I went for my high school reunion and I had Loads of fun and all d ladies looked really hot.



Took pictures ate and went home. Then gbam the Pictures are out and am looking and Awwing and Smiling then I saw myself and I was like Heeeeellll Nooooo that’s not me huh? Really is this how I look.I felt really down not because I was put down but I just didn’t like the person I was looking at in the pictures.

Had an Hospital Appointment and my consultant looked at me and said u seem to have added more weight. I was like Kai this Doc I am still feeling deflated from seeing pictures now ure just gonna top it it up with I have added more weight Abi Ooohk ooo.

He said u weigh 105kg. Sounded like I didn’t hear him properly 105 gini? Chie I Shed a tear and he discussed ways to start losing weight I just said ok and walked out of his office. That was the turning Point. I knew I had to lose this weight Coupled with my other Health condition I just had to. So I started Fasting to lose weight (WrongMove)I Lost 3kg by the end of the week but I  was already bored.

So on Sunday I stumbled Upon Ariella fitness on a blog and I Said this won’t hurt afterall u spent 50K on some coffee that didn’t do anything how expensive can it be. So I contacted her August 14 2015 I started this New lifestyle Journey.Coachie as I call her was bea she gave me meal plan added me to a Group and gave exercises routine que in the Ladies in the group Gosh them Mamas being slaying anyhow and telling me you’ve got this.it was the place I needed to be and the support I always wanted. Don’t get me wrong I have been on all sort of Fad programmes, From Diet teas to coffee to tablets to wraps to Egg diet to Mastercleanse to starve diet but one thing was constant with this diets I always gained back the weight.As if gaining back what I lose was not enough I will gain extra more.

So Ariella fitness was different The ladies in the group were really nice and motivating. They share tips and Ideas and Coachie was our in house Doctor,Coach, support system and voltron at the same time. You don’t want to mess with her.So my first Month on the Programme I lost 4Kg and I was like hmmmm are you Sure that Scale is correct  that my hubby should check the scale properly ooo and he was like :Woman I am not blind I can see clearly. I said ohk now let’s go. I haven’t looked back since then.

I have had  Bad days, I have had days or even Months I haven’t worked out but one thing was certain this New lifestyle was the truth.I always pick my self up at every Falling point and surging on. Dr Chinasa always there to encourage and motivate. I was in the Group for 9months and I can say it was one of the best decision I ever took. I reached my target weight of 68kgs and still maintaining it. I will miss the ladies in the group.If you’re still thinking if this is a journey you want to take. Now is the best there’s nothing better and fulfilling than working on yourself to make you a better Person.Ariella Fitness is your go to Place you won’t be dissappointed


Thanks to Dr chinasa (Ariella Fitness),Uchechi and all the wonderful ladies that went on this Journey with me.

I have all the tools I need to continue to sustain this lifestyle Change thanks to Ariella fitness and I know I have got this like you always tell me.

To all the the beautiful women still on this journey Keep on going trust the process ,Set realistic Goals, Don’t be too hard on yourself and Remember your Journey,Your time, Your Pace, Your way.Dont compare your progress or Results with Another persons progress we are all different and unique in our own ways.