Warrior Series 2: The Journey ….by Jacinta

Hey  Lovelies!

Compliments of the season to you all.  The warrior series are personal stories told by the ladies on the Ariella Fitness Online Program.  You can read up Ibiere’s story in the first series.

They are on a journey. We hope these stories motivate you to start living life on the healthy lane.

Thank you Jacinta, for sharing your story with us.

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I originally started my weight loss journey 3 years ago after I got back from service in Abuja. I added so much from eating carelessly, junk especially..you know life is in Abuja. I eat late,d weather is hot and uncomfortable so all I did was eat anyhow. I was also having a bad relationship at that time,so all I did was stay alone and eat,lie down and sleep. And then I got back to jos and everyone was like ‘is this you’?

Then I became very worried and didn’t do much about it. I spent money on green world products (I regret) and nothing changed.I couldn’t go out cos I felt I wasn’t looking attractive in anyway and I was skeptical of what people would say.i stayed indoors most time. Clothes didn’t look so good anymore. One day a friend invited me to join an outdoor excersise group.


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After much hesitation,i did. It was tough and difficult. The aerobics, the handball…my legs hurt for almost a month. I didn’t give up. It became interesting and fun and gradually a life style. I started loosing weight….i must say…it’s isn’t a day job. It takes time and patience. Adding it is easy. Loosing it is hardwork.i was being confident,going out more and being happy when people say…you look great.

Until I had an unfortunate incident and had a fracture on my arm that kept me out for months. I wasn’t working out. Then I got better, got a new job that was so demanding and didn’t have time to continue with my workouts. And the weight started to come back. I noticed it. I was wearing bigger clothes again…until Dr chi after seeing one of my pics encouraged me to join Arriella fitness. I was skeptical. I was like an online thing? How? I don’t have time to work out. I work from 8-6pm. She said just start,its flexible,its something u can do in ur room. After much hesitation I joined. She sent d meal plan,and excersise.


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I started…Sometimes I’d get tired and lazy and il say this thing is not working jooor. I didn’t seem to loose the weight. I wanted fast result but she encouraged me to be patient. I struggled with the burpees,d high knees, D jumping jacks etc. I was beginning to love eating healthy,i learnt to eat our normal soil grown foods more and not canned processed high sugar and calorie foods. Rice became less of my friend…lol. And then d changes started coming gradually.


And people started to notice. The clothes became loose. And I can now confidently strike a pose and snap full length and upload. That’s the confidence. I fall sick less,no headaches,skin is healthy and fresher as I don’t use cream. Water does d magic. D natural products we eat work for d skin too. I must say…it’s not easy. Sometimes I felt sorry for myself,i cried cos I wasn’t happy seeing myself look all fat.

People will tell you different things like if you are slim u won’t be fine,you are better with d flesh,etc forget them. Live a healthy lifestyle first…d weight loss comes as a result of that.