Warrior Series 1: the journey so far…..by Ibiere

Hey Loves,
we are starting a new series on this blog, titled “Warrior Series”.  This will be personal stories told by Ladies on the Ariella Fitness Online Program. They are on a Journey. A journey to greatness, fitness and  perfect health. These will be stories of there struggles. It is meant to inspire, someone, to get up and start living…..Positively!

Thank You Ibiere for sharing your story with us.


11 weeks later



Here it goes…..

In May my hubby and I had a mega melt down exchanged words, he said hurtfull things to me especially about my weight and size, i went into self pity, every morning for close to a month, i would eat a loaf of bread and drink a bottle of coke, yes a loaf of bread, at night i would have noodles and eggs…

then none of my clothes fitted me, i would visit the tailor every saturdat before church to help me expand my clothes, i would wait eargerly for the obioma tailors to pass, so they would help me adjust a clothe or too, cos none fit, buttons popped open, zips broke, my trousers sagged and so on

In mid june, i stumbled upon Ariella fitness on instagram, note she was my junior in high school, little did i know God was going to use her to impact in my life soo much, to bring my sex life with hubby back to wat it used to be before our kids came.

Ehen, so i started following on ig, it was squat in June, i did them, then in july it was jumping to greatness in july, i did it diligently, until she messaged me to join her fitness program, i was ecstatic to say the least, overjoyed, priviledged……

15th July marked a turning point in my life and i mean every word of it, Ariella Fitness online group is awesome, my coach is BAE, the ladies in the group are more like sisters. For people who one haven’t met before, gisting way into the night, spurring one one, encouraging, challenging one another, inspiring one another with the meal logs, weight loss and so on….

I would have fallen by the wayside long ago, because this journey called weightloss isnt supposed to be done alone, you need atleast one person to whine to when the going gets tough, did i tell u i was able to run 78 km in total in october….

Ariella fitness your hand dey inside this matter


There were days,still are days when i just want to eat that mars chocolate bar, a meat pie from the popular steam fast bakery in makurdi or by my favourite  All Buttered short bread.  The temptation is high, then i think of the calorie content, the effect on my waist line, and then my days log in for meals on the group, i will say mbanu, whats the craving and then drink a gallon of water. There were days, still are, when working out was the last thing on my mind, then i remember in my Coache’s words ” earn your meals”, then the endorphins run wild…..



I have had cheat meals, i have gone without working out in a day, but i never moved my eye on the goal, nor forgotten where i am coming from or where i am headed….. its Ahead Ahead until absolute fitness is achieved and even at that, i/ we wont stop because i want to run after my great grand kids and match them toe to toe…..


To be Continued