Walking is one of the safest and easiest workouts you can embark on to become fit. A lot of studies are showing that the faster you walk, the better.

Let us look at some of these studies; a study of 412,596 British citizens, found that compared to slow walkers, people who walked fast had half the chance of developing severe COVID-19 disease and half the chance of dying from that disease. (International Journal of Obesity, Feb 26, 2021) . Another review of 13 studies found that fast walkers had a 31 percent reduction in risk of death from a heart attack when compared to very slow walkers (Br J Sports MedText with emphasis, 2008).

If you are not able to walk fast, that is fine, however, if you do not have any health condition and no limitation, then, you can increase your walking pace  for added benefits. You can increase your pace by taking longer steps and intentionally moving your feet at a faster rate. Let me give you a tip; If you move your arms fast when you walk, you automatically walk faster.

So, are you ready to up your walking game?

p.s: always get a clear from your doctor before you embark on a new routine.


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