The Power in Accountability

We all need accountability in various aspect of our lives.

Be it in studies, to lose weight, faith, or to learn a trade, we tend to have a higher chance of succeeding once we stay accountable.

In the fitness life, consistency can be a challenge especially if you are a starter. Or you have specific fitness goals you require to attain.



Take for example, You decide  to be more intentional with your health and you want to start jogging in the mornings for 20mins. For 1 week you go jogging every day. Then one day you wake up late and couldn’t go running. Then you miss 2 days of running. Then the story will be “Aha, I used to go running sometime last year”.


But imagine if you had a friend or a coach who you decided to start running with. Even if you woke up late n the first day, that friend will call you the next day, so you don’t sleep in. On your own accord, you will not want to “fall your hand”.



When choosing an accountability partner, it is better to go for someone on a higher fitness pedestal than yourself. Someone more enthusiastic about a healthy lifestyle.


If you can afford it, it is best you go for a fitness coach. Someone you can respect and report to. It is essential when choosing a fitness coach, you choose someone that is accessible, an authority in the fitness world.

So, Stay Accountable. Let us make 2017 our healthiest year yet.

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