Social Media for Weight loss

Social media has changed our lives dramatically. Positive or Negative, it depends on the individual.



We technically spend a lot of time connecting on one social media platform or another. However, I have discovered that all of social media platforms have some sort of weight loss inspiration.  Now it depends on you to determine how you want to use social media to your advantage.


Follow pages that showcase healthy foods, and exercise routines. Challenge your self to prepare a healthy recipe or to do a workout routine you stumbled on.


Use hashtags to find other people in your location trying to lose weight. And intentionally build your community. This community could serve as your accountability group and most times the online relationship transcends to the offline.


Posting photos of your progress can motivate you and also boost your self esteem.

Using online food apps like My Fitness Pal, Meal snap,  can help keep you aware of what you are eating and you can also share photos of your meals.

Replace 30 minutes of screen time with reading or walking. Develop new healthy habit to keep you active.

I am one of those people that use social media to hold themselves accountable for eating well. And truthfully its almost like you do not want to “fall your hand” publicly.


So today Use social media to your benefit. Remember though, watching someone exercise on Instagram does not translate to calorie burn for you the watcher. You must put in work.