Did you skip as a child? Jump rope,ย  Anybody?
It is time to get back to it. Life gets so busy most of the time that we forget to exercise. But i am sure you know the many great benefits of exercising. Including improving heart health. So why are you not exercising?

You can easily grab a skipping rope in the market or supermarkets or even buy from the hawkers while on traffic. its time to start skipping! The good thing is that this can be done anywhere. Even right in your bedroom. So no excuses! Grab a rope and JUMP!

Benefits of skipping

1) Skipping is one of the best cardio exercises. It improves your heart health.


2)It is a body weight exercise so it helps to tone your muscles.
3) It increases blood circulation in your body thus nourishing your skin
4)It is very good for weight loss as you can burn as much as 1300/hour of skipping. Yayyy!!!
5) It helps improve bone density thus preventing osteoporosis
6) It helps improve your mood
7) Skipping can be done by anybody and everybody
8) it is an inexpensive exercise routine. You need just a rope!
9)It helps improve your balance and coordination
10) it can be done anywhere.
So are you still sitting down? Grab a rope and JUMP!!