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Did you skip as a child? Jump rope,ย  Anybody?
It is time to get back to it. Life gets so busy most of the time that we forget to exercise. But i am sure you know the many great benefits of exercising. Including improving heart health. So why are you not exercising?

You can easily grab a skipping rope in the market or supermarkets or even buy from the hawkers while on traffic. its time to start skipping! The good thing is that this can be done anywhere. Even right in your bedroom. So no excuses! Grab a rope and JUMP!

Benefits of skipping

1) Skipping is one of the best cardio exercises. It improves your heart health.


2)It is a body weight exercise so it helps to tone your muscles.
3) It increases blood circulation in your body thus nourishing your skin
4)It is very good for weight loss as you can burn as much as 1300/hour of skipping. Yayyy!!!
5) It helps improve bone density thus preventing osteoporosis
6) It helps improve your mood
7) Skipping can be done by anybody and everybody
8) it is an inexpensive exercise routine. You need just a rope!
9)It helps improve your balance and coordination
10) it can be done anywhere.
So are you still sitting down? Grab a rope and JUMP!!


  • Joyzy

    June 14, 2018., 6:40 am / Reply

    Great... Double skipping improves heart functionality.

    • Dr Chinasa

      June 14, 2018., 12:36 pm / Reply


  • Immanuel

    June 14, 2018., 6:41 am / Reply

    Yo... You are so right.

    • Dr Chinasa

      June 14, 2018., 12:35 pm / Reply


  • Ronald ikpe

    June 14, 2018., 6:45 am / Reply

    Skipping is very great for one's health. I find it a good way to energize for the day. I feel more optimistic, feel lighter and more in charge of the day and trust me those days are really awesome. U get to ooze confidence and charm after a good skipping session. So grab your ropes!

    • Dr Chinasa

      June 14, 2018., 12:34 pm / Reply

      thanks for reading

  • Padilla

    June 14, 2018., 6:53 am / Reply

    Nice once big sis.. Skipping really makes someone feel light. Thanks for reminding everyone.

    • Dr Chinasa

      June 14, 2018., 12:33 pm / Reply

      Thanks for reading

  • Chioma

    June 14, 2018., 7:18 am / Reply

    I find skipping a very fast way to burst the sweat just before you have to jump in the shower and head out.Thank you for sharing.

    • Dr Chinasa

      June 14, 2018., 12:33 pm / Reply

      thanks for reading

  • Alex

    June 14, 2018., 7:37 am / Reply

    Jump rope was soo much fun as a child, wen we had all the energy!! As an adult tho, itโ€™s like ohh I have to do this to keep fit and stay healthy! ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ But once u get into it, and create a routine, you actually enjoy it...

    • Dr Chinasa

      June 14, 2018., 12:31 pm / Reply

      so true!

  • Ese

    June 14, 2018., 8:00 am / Reply

    Skipping is a sure deal to weight loss. I can testify to this as I lost most of my excess weight during the period of skipping. Going back to the grind soonest. I want my summer body. Ciao

    • Dr Chinasa

      June 14, 2018., 12:31 pm / Reply


  • Obi Adaora

    June 14, 2018., 9:17 am / Reply

    My one and only weight loss coach! Always looking out for healthy lifestyles, yeah...skipping is a good form of exercise that can keep ur metabolism up throughout the day. Need to get back on track with it. Thanks Boss!

    • Dr Chinasa

      June 14, 2018., 12:30 pm / Reply

      yayyyy...thank you

  • Obiageli Maduwuba

    June 14, 2018., 1:15 pm / Reply

    Good to know. Will resume skipping

  • Christabel

    June 14, 2018., 4:06 pm / Reply


  • Amarachi Chikezie-Chukwu

    June 14, 2018., 5:35 pm / Reply

    Yes oh!!! Skipping was the thing for me. Lost a lot of weight on it. Will continue for the many other benefits. Thanks coach๐Ÿ˜Š

    • Dr Chinasa

      June 15, 2018., 5:16 pm / Reply


  • Ugwuegbulem izuka

    June 15, 2018., 8:54 am / Reply

    Your health gospel is reaching everyone almost foc. May God bless you and give you healthy and long life. You are really touching lives.

    • Dr Chinasa

      June 15, 2018., 5:16 pm / Reply

      Thanks Daddy

  • Angela

    June 15, 2018., 12:01 pm / Reply

    Couldn't be more right Dr Chi! As a child I remember skipping (competition mode with friends lol) for the fun of doing the most jumps without breaking.. It still remains an exciting and energy filled exercise. I will resume asaply! Love the outfit btw!

  • Maryam

    June 23, 2018., 10:39 am / Reply

    Thank you very much I guess I will try that cos it's easy and exciting I hope I will be able to start shedding some weight.

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