The secret to achieving your goals in the end lies in the very beginning. So in other to successfully lose weight, you have to set realistic achievable results.





Realistic weight loss goals keep you focused. It will also motivate you to adapt a healthier lifestyle for the long term. Unrealistic weight loss goals on the other hand, set you up for failure and can make you feel like you are achieving nothing while on the journey.

Set SMART goals.

S – Specific goals. Be specific about your intentions.

M – Measurable. Once you can measure a goal, then you are closer to achieving that goal.

A –achievable. You have to set goals you can attain. I mean you. Not your friend’s goals then you are set for progress.

R- Realistic. I want to lose 10kg in a month is an unrealistic goal. I want to lose 1 kg a week is a realistic goal.

T- Trackable. If you can keep a track of what you eat, routines you do daily, you are half way to achieving your goals. Stay accountable. Write down everything you eat daily.

Don’t just set weight loss goals, set life goals because losing weight is just the easier part. The toughest part in this journey is keeping the weight you have lost off.  Be intentional about living an active lifestyle and changing your eating habit for the long term.

Find out who/what motivates you to stay on track. Write them all out and place them on the side of your bed so you see them every morning on waking up. Motivation keeps you going even at difficult times.

Be knowledgeable. Be informed. Do your research. Always read up latest developments on everything regarding fitness, weight loss and healthy living in general.

Think and visualize your dream body. Be positive about achieving your goals. Positive thinking goes a long way to influence the physical.

Take Action: So you are done planning in your head. You have everything ready to start your healthy lifestyle journey, and then you wait for Monday.
There is no reason to delay it any longer. Start Today. Not Tomorrow. Not on Monday. Not January 1st. Start NOW.

Always reevaluate your goals. Things change. You may change jobs, change cities, get pregnant. Whatever it is, just reevaluate your goals, refine them and CONTINUE.