Selfishly Healthy

It’s very impressive  to watch, how a lot of people are starting to get in one form of workout or another.  Could it be the effect the white man has on us or is it African mind remodeling?  Which ever it is,  it sure is a good thing. Every morning,  along the streets of Lagos,  there are always men and women jogging,  brisk walking,  crawling,  making different  forms of active movement.

The general concensus has always been that being fat or pot bellied is a sign of good living. A woman gets married,  gives birth and is EXPECTED to increase her body weight by 40kg.  Some people still tell me to put some fat on my bones lest my husband ‘looks out’. And I am like ‘huh’? What has that got to do with that?  I am an advocate for healthy and fit.  Not skinny.

You have to make your health your primary concern.  So because your husband wants you fat,  with a BMI of  38, at risk for; type 2 diabetes,  stroke,  heart disease, and many other ailments, you will choose to remain unhealthy  for love?  Where will your love be when your health plummets?  Do this for you!  Take care of your self.

If you are exercising regularly, and you find out that you are not loosing weight,  review your diet. What and when are you having your meals?  Are you making  wise choices?  Africa is blessed with a lot of natural organic food. Cut down your intake on processed foods. Drink a lot of water.  Be happy.tmp_frame_1437551719916_nw_wm