Recipe: Healthy Sweet potato porridge


3 large sweet potatoes
1/2 of local chicken (in pieces)
3 medium sized Carrots
A handful of Green beans

1 large bell red pepper
1 large green pepper
Knorr cubes


– peel and dice the sweet potatoes and put in pot to boil. add salt to taste.
-in another pot, steam chicken after seasoning with 1/2 of onion, pepper, curry, knorr and salt.
– dice carrots, green beans, green and red pepper.
– when chicken is cooked, take some oil from the stock and put in a pan, then add in the cut veggies with onions.
– allow to simmer.
– strain the water from the now cooked sweet potatoes, replace with chicken and stock.
-stir with wooden turner.
-add into potato pot, the simmered veggies.
– turn some more,with wooden stick, so pottage forms, then taste for salt and turn off stove.
-serves 5