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Ramadan Healthy Meal Plan Guide





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Another Fasting season is upon us. This meal plan idea was conceived by popular demand to help go through Ramadan without gaining weight.

A fasting season is  a time for us to draw spiritually to God, and can also be a good time to draw closer to our healthy goals.

Fasting can help you loose weight when done right. It is also a good way to naturally detoxify your body as you give your body some rest(When done right 🙂 )

This meal plan is a guide and when applied correctly, will yield excellent results. I have also added exercise ideas for each day of the week.  As always, Read instructions first and always consult with your doctor before commencement of any lifestyle modification.

If you need a customized meal plan, do not fail to CONTACT US

Please Click HERE to DOWNLOAD Ramadan Healthy Meal plan guide


  • ayesha

    May 30, 2017., 1:09 am / Reply

    What about overweight children,wat plan is dere for them?

    • Dr Chinasa

      May 30, 2017., 9:29 am / Reply

      Hello ma, You can order a meal plan for the child. Do contact us.

  • Seun

    June 21, 2017., 8:59 am / Reply

    Hi i gave birth 4months ago n i need to loose weight serious pls help

    • Dr Chinasa

      June 26, 2017., 11:08 pm / Reply

      Hi. Please send a mail to

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