Pregnancy and Me


Its common place in our community when one is pregnant, every one goes, “oh you know you have to eat for 2”. Now, That is not exactly accurate. The thing here is if you are on a healthy eating journey, Maintain it. Eat as clean as you can but making sure your meals are balanced.



Don’t attempt to go on a diet while pregnant. I don’t even advocate diets in the first place because you deprive your body of the balance gotten from foods. Don’t do that to your baby.


So with my first pregnancy, I had a whole lot going on, and I had a lot of medical complications. So I was on bed rest most of the time and the only form of exercise I could do was a 30min walk every now and then when the weather was favorable. It was a tough time. And I had a tough time staying within my recommended weight gain for the pregnancy at the beginning. Eventually I gained 17kg by the time of delivery.

Now with this pregnancy, and first trimester successfully over, I can say, truly every pregnancy is different and every woman carries differently.

I had one episode of threatened miscarriage in the early days and I was placed on bed rest for 1 week. Well then work was really stressful. So the rest was good for us.

After the rest, I focused on eating as clean as possible and exercising as often as my energy level accepts. Kai, first trimester was tough but for His grace really. The Morning sickness was out of this world. The pregnancy cravings were/are another challenge. I will make a post on that later. My mammaries have been expanding without control and I can only but wonder their fate at the end of this pregnancy.

What you eat most times influences on you and your bump. Make sure you incorporate as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. Pregnancy is a journey.

I’d be writing as the phases go by.

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See you soon.