Postpartum rant.

Nothing prepares your body for the pain of labor. Jeez…..

That trauma alone is enough to put you on bed rest for 2 weeks.

I was pretty active through pregnancy, and I exercised up until the day before I went into the hospital for delivery.

I have posts on exercising during pregnancy, and trust me…it is so worth it.

Now post partum fitness is a whole new realm.

After your body has home through the trauma of labor and delivery, your joints are left like jelly.

For me, after about 2 weeks ,I was cleared by my doctor to commence gradual workout routines, as my body can tolerate.

At 3 weeks, when I finally began working out, boy, I thought my hip bones will give way. Every part of my body felt heavy.

The consolation for me was that I had just brought forth a human being, so I felt  satisfied. And I understood with my body.



It has been through a lot.

To all the Mothers out there….. Y’all are the real MVPs!