PMS CRAVINGS (Aunty Flo binge)

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Most women experience intense craving around that ‘time of the month’ when they expect to see their period.  These cravings most of the time is for sweet things. Some women experience cravings for really salty tings however. Whichever though, the cravings can actually make one fall far off the healthy lifestyle.


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Research shows that low progesterone and high estrogen levels in this period cause a drop in blood sugar levels thus causing the desire for sugary foods. If you are trying to stay healthy, this can be a detour in your healthy journey.

But don’t lose hope. You are not destined to add weight monthly. Unless you want to  J

Its all in the mind. Do not lose sight of your goals.

-Eat smaller frequent meals to keep your blood sugar up at all times.

– Keep junk foods far away from you as possible. You can’t fight  a “face me I face you” battle with a tub of ice cream/chocolate in your fridge. Don’t even drive by an ice cream/ chocolate shop.

– Focus on complex carbs like oats, granola, fonio, fruits and beans. They  keep you fuller for longer and help curb cravings.

– Keep drinking water. Slice in some fruits into your jar of water for some added sweetness.

– Include proteins at every meal. It helps curb cravings and keeps you fuller for longer. Proteins like Chicken, beef, eggs, fish, turkey are easily accessible.

– Move! Exercise helps control appetite and boost endorphins (feel good hormones)

– Relax! You have to be intentional about it. This is a time that someone looking at you in an innocent sweet manner can be annoying. Do not get upset. Just breathe! Relax!

– Be Strong. If it makes you feel better, know that your body is burning an extra 150cals at this time. Well. That’s just like 1 apple and 1 banana extra though!

It is well!