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As soon as people started requesting I help them to lose weight, I realized it was time to monetize my new passion. But hey, I had to test drive first.

So I took up a couple of women, and helped them, personally, to lose weight over  a  period of Six weeks. The results were outstanding.  More people wanted to lose weight. I organized boot camps for free. And people where jumping into the healthy lifestyle wagon. Then I knew the time was right.



I fixed a price.  This made clients a lot more committed to the journey.  Thinking about it now, the price was a real give away.  The demand was there.  As soon as I started making more money, I started getting more certification in the health and fitness industry. And it meant I could give my clients a lot more value for their money.


I came back to Nigeria, in 2013, and a lot of things changed. Living in Lagos made it hard to get people together regularly to exercise. Being a new mum and a Medical doctor didn’t make it easier for me. But I had to find a way. I needed to be able to meet the demand of clients and their goal, which is to lose weight.

So I took the business online. And that was one of the best decisions I made. Aside from reaching more people, I was able to have control of most of my time.


You see eh, when you are passionate about something, you will put in all your heart to make it work. And it will not seem like work…because you love it.

But then the struggle began for real. Marriage-work-life Balance? Competition? Unforeseen forces?


To be continued…..



          Test drive your passion for free, and take note of feedbacks. This would make you better

          When monetizing your passion, start small.

          Experience is not always enough. Certification is an added advantage.

          Be ready for change.

          Your passion is your baby. Love it!