Overcoming weight loss plateau

So you have been on your weight loss journey. and you have been maintaining optimum exercising and clean eating. The scale has  progressively moved to the left…  Until last month. The scale has been static. Its like the ‘anti fit gods’ just awoke from there  slumber. you are confused wondering why  the scale not changing despite your continued hardwork.  Could it be sent from the village? if you are as African as i am, you will make it a spiritual something and start fasting and praying  for the cause.

Well, truth is , worry not. Weight loss plateau is expected from almost everyone on this journey. The thing is you can either send yourself  back  to square one out of frustration or you can address the situation and move on to the next big thing

These are some suggestions  you can try to help knock over your plateau phase.

  •   change your meal patterns.  try to have your meals 4 hours apart.  alternate your main meals with fruits and vegetables this will help boost your metabolism.
  • reduce the calorie quantities of your  meals. if you used to have 1500cals, reduce it by about 200cal.Note here that you shouldn’t go below 1200cal.
  • Increase your exercise time. If you used to spend 15 mins exercising, top it up a notch.  Say 15mins extra of high intensity exercise.
  • Do not starve yourself. stay hydrated.
  • stay away from the scale for a while. focus on your modification

You will be thankful.


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