Oh Happy Day!


Oh happy day, Oh happy day…


Finally i have gotten to my second post of the year. I have so procrastinated this post. Well, i wont exactly say it was procrastination… but i almost felt i had nothing to blog about. My life has somewhat been so busy of late, i have so much i want to tell you but i just never seem to find the time to bring out my laptop and start typing.

It is 02:04am presently and i felt…Aha! I have missed you all. Let me write something. And the tune…’Oh happy day’ popped in my head.

Ehen…did you know i wrote a book? Oh yes i did! EAT TO LOSE WEIGHT by Dr Chinasa Amadi. Yes! I just called my name 🙂

In writing this book, i have learnt a lot of lessons. So many lessons. But i will just share a few with you:

  • You can do anything you set your mind to doing. Just dream it. You can achieve it.
  • Procrastination can make you miss out on life’s best opportunities
  • Run your race. Dawn sets differently for everyone
  • You are worth so much
  • Start now. No idea is new to just you.  Someone somewhere is thinking same.
  • What you think of yourself is what matters most…

Don’t ask me how i learnt this lessons in just writing one small book. But trust me. Life is a school and everyday is a class. Learn something!

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