October Skip Challenge

Hey lovelies,

Been a minute!

Mehn! Life has happened since my last post. Let me not bore you however with plenty stories joor.

So the year ends in 90 days! Yes, you read right. 90 days!

Are you anywhere close to your dream body?
When last did you exercise?

If you have been dulling, then get in here.


google image

From the 3rd  to the 31st of October, we will be skipping 500 skips daily.

Yes, just 500 skips. You can do more if you wish. But the minimum is 500.


All you need is a skipping rope. So no excuses.

For optimum results:

-Follow us on facebook, Instagram or twitter @ ARIELLA FITNESS

– Post up pictures, videos of you and foods you eat this month

-Best to do your skips in the morning

-Have your dinner before 7pm daily

-Make one of your meals fruit or vegetable based

-Drink at least 3L of water daily

-Have a protein with every meal

-Keep a positive mind

Let’s  do this.

Tell a friend!!