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Challenge, Meal Plan

Hey Hey Lovelies!!

I have attached a Detox Meal plan for you to try out. If you are Nigerian in Nigerian, you do not have to break the bank trying to lose weight! You know our economy na.


So Just download, read the instructions and plan to take charge of your health today.

Please share ith a friend. Let us together create a healthy lifestyle one person at a time.





  • slimindreams

    November 6, 2015., 6:03 am / Reply

    Thank you. Please I still stay with my parents and don't have some things always around. Can I substitute groundnut for tiger nut and pawpaw for watermelon. What can I sub sweet potatoes for... Thanks

    • Dr chinasa

      November 6, 2015., 6:06 am / Reply

      Tiger nut for groundnut is an excellent choice. Unripe plantain for sweet potatoes.

      • slimindreams

        November 6, 2015., 8:00 am / Reply

        Thank you

  • Ugo Esther Obidinma

    November 6, 2015., 11:36 am / Reply

    kk ama try dis one my Dr tx so much.

  • Judith

    November 15, 2015., 5:55 pm / Reply

    Hi am a nursing mum. How do i fit in the detox meal plan

    • Dr chinasa

      November 15, 2015., 8:30 pm / Reply

      sorry no detox meal plan for you. Just return when you are done breastfeeding

  • dee

    November 15, 2015., 8:58 pm / Reply

    thank you for the meal plan. But I can't seem to download it at all. Been trying all day. Please help

    • Dr chinasa

      November 15, 2015., 9:35 pm / Reply

      Just click on the link. probably network. so sorry

  • Kemmy

    November 15, 2015., 11:44 pm / Reply

    Hi, would like to join in the santa body challenge but the page didn't load. Kindly assist. Thank-you.

    • Dr chinasa

      November 16, 2015., 7:42 am / Reply

      Oh so Sorry. Entries are closed. Stay tuned though for other free challenges coming up.

  • Loretta

    November 21, 2015., 2:52 pm / Reply

    Hello Dr,What can i substitute cucumber with,i absolutely detest it. 2.The groundnut for snack must it be the boiled version?

    • Dr chinasa

      November 22, 2015., 2:09 pm / Reply

      Try to fall in love with cucumbers. It is irreplacable. lol i actually meant roasted peanuts

      • Loretta

        November 24, 2015., 4:00 pm / Reply

        Ohh, well my eyes saw groundnut..Peanut is much nicer..I have only detoxed for 2days and my colleagues are already complaining that am getting 2slim and i have not even added the exercise,Dr Ur the best...I cant wait to hit that perfect body

        • Dr chinasa

          November 25, 2015., 2:16 pm / Reply


  • Samuel Msonter

    November 22, 2015., 8:43 pm / Reply

    *sobs* I've downloaded the detox meal plan up to 30times and I can't find wen I finish downloading.. Somebody help me please

    • Dr chinasa

      November 23, 2015., 4:42 pm / Reply

      oh my. i think you should check your downloaded folder. or retry download. im so sorry.

  • Peace

    November 30, 2015., 9:09 pm / Reply

    Am in Ukraine what fruits can I substitute for the pawpaw and the water melon

    • Dr chinasa

      December 1, 2015., 8:56 pm / Reply

      apples, peach, plum, grapes, kiwi

  • Evelyn Bassey

    December 3, 2015., 8:21 pm / Reply

    I really appreciate ur Detox meal plan and it worked for me. I did it for two weeks and lost so much inches on my arm, waist, chest, knee and even thighs. Will continue with the santa body challenge even though am late.thank you once again DR

    • Dr chinasa

      December 3, 2015., 8:53 pm / Reply

      welldone ma. keep trying. we will get there

  • Queendarlyn

    December 20, 2015., 8:38 pm / Reply

    Am in and want this please my weight is so not funny

    • Dr chinasa

      December 21, 2015., 10:56 am / Reply

      Please do send us a mail to to be part of the online weight loss program commencing January 1st. Looking forward to reading from you.

      • Rhoda chinaza Jude

        December 20, 2018., 4:19 am / Reply

        Good morning ma.cToday is my birthday and I woke to this birthday gift on your Instagram page. I have downloaded it already. Thanks a lot. Ma, for the vegetable soup, what swallow can go with it?

        • Dr Chinasa

          December 21, 2018., 9:48 pm / Reply

          No need for swallow if not stated. Happy birthday. wish you Gods blessings

  • biggy

    January 4, 2016., 12:26 am / Reply

    i need help my tommy is so big

  • Hassan Oyinkansola

    January 5, 2016., 7:37 am / Reply

    I am embarking on the detox diet not for any challenge do I prepare the green smoothie?

  • Nneoma

    January 22, 2016., 8:07 am / Reply

    Dr Chinasa, ur an inspiration. May God bless u so so much for ur selfless services towards ur fellow women. Am so impressed by Wat u do. Ur very hardworking. I just started following u and I must say am a big fan of urs in d US. I can't wait to join in ur exercises n meal plans. Waiting to drop dat baby. Am four months gone now n counting. I dnt Knw if there are some exercises I can do now cus am adding so much weight n I think it's more dan required. Tnx so much for ur prompt response n God bless u.

    • Dr chinasa

      January 22, 2016., 1:09 pm / Reply

      Thank you so so much Nneoma for your kind words. And congrats on the pregnancy. If you were not very active pre pregnancy, i will advice you take it easy and just do some walks daily. you can incooporate some weights too. You will have to closely monitor your diet and make sure you are eating meals that are benefitial and nutritious to both yourself and the baby. Stay of artificial sugars. Choose natural options. Balance out your daily meal. And do not be deceived by the common advice that you are eating for 2. Your body will definitely change. Embrace it. Discuss any modifications with your OBGYN . Do stay in touch.

  • Annie

    January 30, 2016., 7:55 am / Reply

    Morning ma. Pls can Lipton go in place of green tea?

    • Dr chinasa

      January 30, 2016., 7:15 pm / Reply

      Lipton Has green tea line. So do you mean lipton green tea or lipton black tea?

  • Esohe

    July 6, 2017., 2:34 pm / Reply

    Hi Dr Chinasa, thanks for your effort. Can i subtitute green tea with lemon/honey warm water ? Can you suggest any trusted green tea brand because i see alot in stores and dont know which is best. Thanks.

    • Dr Chinasa

      July 6, 2017., 10:42 pm / Reply

      Yes you can substituted. Just read the contents on the packs of the green tea and make your choice. Lipton, Yogi among others are one of my favourite green tea brands.

  • Byron Solomon Joy

    April 4, 2018., 6:47 pm / Reply

    Gudevening MA.. Please what and what can I use to make the green smoothie.. Thank you.. I haven't started and Am already in love with the plan.. It looks really doable ..thanks MA waiting on ur reply

    • Dr Chinasa

      April 8, 2018., 9:47 pm / Reply

      Hello. Thank you for reading. Please view the link for the post on green smoothies. Looking forward to your review.

  • Rita

    April 10, 2018., 12:08 am / Reply

    Good day. Please is these programme still on. Want to be added. Your diet plan is so good and not scary at all. God bless you

    • Dr Chinasa

      April 10, 2018., 1:59 am / Reply

      Thank you for reading. Please send a mail to for more on our weightloss program plans. Or check out to sign up for a plan.

  • GLadys

    September 14, 2018., 12:19 am / Reply

    Very nice, thanks so much. You are an inspiration.

    • Dr Chinasa

      September 14, 2018., 9:23 am / Reply

      thank you

  • Gbemisola

    January 9, 2019., 6:23 pm / Reply

    Good ma ! Please what is the measurement cups for the food ?

    • Dr Chinasa

      January 10, 2019., 3:34 am / Reply

      Standard measuring cups.

  • Iyinoluwa

    June 30, 2020., 6:31 am / Reply

    I don't eat fish and beans, what can I use as substitute

    • Dr Chinasa

      June 30, 2020., 12:35 pm / Reply

      You can request a personalized plan for yourself to help you crush goals. Please whatsapp +2349022713581 for support. Looking forward to serving you.


    September 9, 2020., 11:19 pm / Reply

    Hi, do you have a weight loss group on WhatsApp?

    • Dr Chinasa

      September 10, 2020., 8:25 pm / Reply

      Hi yes we do. Please whatsapp +2349022713581 to sign up on any of our plans.

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