My weightloss story – Chineme




How dare you call me fat? I might not seem to be a typical example of what you call skinny, but don’t ever call me fat, I am just chubby, and it is an evidence of good living.
That was the lie I kept telling my self for years. As much as I have always been the biggest kid in the family, it didn’t really matter so much to me because I was also the mopol (akwuobi). On one occasion, another child tried to bully my sister and I sent her a message ” if you touch her, I will match you with my big leg”


Weight loss was not even in the plan for a second. I would come home and eat 7 packs of indoime with 3 fried eggs and down it with cold socked garri and 3 high spoons of milk. The thicker the better ?
I ate everyone’s food, and encouraged them to ask for more food and bring to me and there must be meat, because I’m doing you a favor. So at the end of every meal, I had at least 5 plates to wash.
And the pounds kept piling, but in my head I was never fat
On getting to boarding house, no uniform was my size, so I had to go without a school uniform for a week, until one of the teachers decided to use her measurements to sew me a uniform. She was married and had two kids. And at 13years, I was already wearing same size with a mother of two

Fast forward to 2012 when I had a misunderstanding with one of my friends, and she replied by saying “look at you, as fat as you are” and then it struck me. Maybe, just maybe I was really fat, so I decided to do something about it.
Started taking baby steps. I would go to the gym all by myself, and try to eat as clean as I possibly knew how to, but no result.As some will say I have stubborn fat.
I kept trying until 2013 when I heard about an ongoing weight loss program and I joined. That was how I met my very first coach Ariella fitness .
Another reality check was when I was asked to step on the scale, booom!!!95kg the thing did me like film trick.Mind you I was already loosing weight at that time, so that wasn’t my biggest. I believe I weight up to a 100kg or more.
3 months into the program I lost 12kg, that made me believe ANYTHING IS POSSIBLY

Supper excited and motivated, I thought I had arrived, and before you know it I added 10kg.

2014 I met another amazing coach, lost the weight, and added it again
So I figured, you can have the very best trainers and amazing and encouraging friends, but until you decide to find the motivation to do it for Yourself, then nothing really changes
So I started all over again this time by myself, with myself and for myself. And I successfully lost about 15kg, and I relaxed yet again and added it all back
April 2016, I weighed in at 88kg which led me into depression.
Wondered why I would always work so hard, loose the weight and then pile it all back again? Beloved brethren weight loss is a journey not a destination. It is a life time change and not a quick fix.

Today I have lost a total of 25-30kg. Someone will say there is no time, well, when you fold your arms and let obesity kill you, you will have all the time. It’s called ETERNITY . As a medical student, it’s quite tough to create time and balance, but if it is important to you, you will create time, if not, you will continue making excuses.
I have embraced the healthy lifestyle,and it has embraced me too and it’s rubbing off on my family and friends.
It’s all about consistency and hard work
If they told you it would be easy ? They lied to you!!
If they told you, you will never get to the point where you want to quit and binge eat. They lied to you!!

If they told you, weight loss is a straight downward slope. They lied to you !!
If they told you it is impossible. They lied to you!!
If they told you will have to stop eating Nigerian jollof all in the name of weightloss.. they lied to you!! FAT LIE
If you think you cannot do it.. you just lied to yourself
If I could, then you can.. stop giving excuses and fight for your life, because obesity kills.
You can fail a thousand times, but don’t ever give up !!