Do you know successful weight loss starts in the mind?

We do everything to lose weight. We get into some kind of exercise routine and even invest in a weight loss program. Some people even deprive their bodies of foods like meat or carbs just to lose weight.



Its amazing how we resort to all sort of systems to lose weight  forgetting that we have the most effective system in our mind.


According to Dr Pamela Peeke we need to work on our mind so that we can successfully lose weight. Having the right mindset is very important.


  • Set a realistic goal and Picture yourself at that goal.
  • Find a support system through your journey
  • Set healthy realistic expectations
  • Create an Action Plan
  • Stay Accountable. Keep track of your progress
  • Love your body through the journey

You can do whatever your mind sets on doing. You just need to stay focused and keep your eyes on the goal.

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