Yes! I know! Please don’t say it!

I am so sorry!

So, since this 2019, I have been regular in taking smoothies. And I can confidently tell you that a lot has changed in my life! I used to take smoothies before oh. But now, I do it every day.

No, I do not blend every day ( who has that time). What I do is to blend 3 or 4 days’ worth and freeze. Then another after wards. It has been a good way to incorporate my fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. I think this also has influenced positively on my hair, nails and skin. Plus my waistline!

I want share one of my favorite recipes that is so good as a memory booster and for mental alertness.

1 medium sized banana

1 small  apple

½ cup of chopped flutted pumpkin leaves (Ugu)

½ cup of beetroot

16 seeds of almond nuts

¼ cup of dark chocolate

2 tablespoons of ground soya bean

1 tablespoon of moringa powder

2 tablespoons of chia seeds

Ice (optional)

Water as desired


This smoothie is not exactly sweet but its not bitter either. The taste is just perfect. However, if you desire more sweetness, you can add in an extra banana.  You can also replace the dark chocolates with pure cocoa powder.

I will try to share some more smoothie recipes with you. But do try this out and tell me about it!