May fit Challenge: drop it like it’s Hawt.


Ahaaa….. How could I forget to mention here about the May fit Challenge on now.  This month of may,  we are doing  50burpees daily.  Just 50burpees.  If you haven’t been active,  this is an opportunity for you to start from somewhere.

Burpees can be done anywhere,  at anytime.  And you don’t need to be adorned in any particular sports garment to do it.  Just suspend your mammaries and get busy.

Tell someone.  Dont get fit alone.  The ministry is large enough.  Follow me on instagram @chinasatrinitta , facebook: @ariellafitness and twitter: @ariellafitness.  For videos and more update on challenges  in this month of May.

Post up pictures on IG or FB,  as it will make you stay accountable. Dont forget to use the hashtag #dropitlikeitshawt

Oya,  So what’s your excuse now?

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