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Hello there, thank you for your interest in signing up for this master class.

I’m glad you’re one of the people passionate about making healthy choices and helping your community do the same.

Studies are showing an alarming rise of lifestyle-related diseases (Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and some cancers) here in Africa and among Africans globally hence a need for more health coaches and enthusiasts to carry the healthy living gospel.

Are you passionate about health, nutrition, and/or physical fitness?

Do you want to help people enhance their well-being, improve their quality of life, prevent illness, and live a happy, healthy lifestyle?

Would you like to learn powerful tools to help your clients reach their nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness goals?

Then this class is for you!

Who should attend this class?

Anyone who wants to be healthier, fitness/weightloss coaches, nurses, doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, pharmacists, health assistants, health enthusiasts, anyone intentional about their health

At the end of this class you will

check_circle Understand human anatomy and physiology
check_circle Learn how to improve your health
check_circle Learn how to develop nutrition packages for clients
check_circle Know about nutrient density, micro and macronutrients
check_circle Learn how to motivate clients to achieve their goals
check_circle Understand the fundamentals of health behaviours
check_circle Be able to access clients readiness to change
check_circle Develop a wholefood plant-based guide
check_circle Be able to design a specific health coaching package for clients based on your passion and expertise.

About the facilitator

Chinasa Trinitta Amadi, a Russian trained Medical Doctor, internationally board-certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician and a UK Certified Weight Loss Coach and Nutritionist, combines the finest of Clinical and Lifestyle Medical Practices.

Dr. Amadi is passionate about helping her community to adopt healthy choices in order to live healthy lives. Her passion led to the founding of Ariella Health and Fitness Ltd, one of the premier lifestyle medicine practices in Africa.

She has been practising in the health and lifestyle field for over 10 years and worked with thousands of people to lose weight, control/reverse high blood pressure and diabetes, eradicate arthritis and be overall healthier

She is also Chief Medical Director at Queen of Peace Hospitals and a Co-founder of Trinitta-Rose Charity Organisation, an NGO dedicated to the social and health needs of indigent members of the society.

She is an author and features regularly on TV, Radio, Print and Social Media programs where she shares her expertise on health and wellness matters.

She can be contacted via the website: or her social media handle @ariellafitness.


When will it hold?

27th of March at 8pm Nigerian time

How much does the webinar cost?

it is FREE. Yes… I know, Dr Chinasa is nice like that!

I don't have any health knowledge; can I still participate?

Yes, you can, even if you have zero knowledge or in a different field

Will I become a certified health coach after this webinar?

No, this class will provide you with the basic information you need to improve your health, that of others and be a successful health coach.

What platform will it hold?

Via an online conference platform that will be communicated to you via mail once you register

I'm already a fitness/weight loss coach, do I need this?

If you seek better health outcomes for your clients then you shouldn’t miss this

Are we going to learn medical things?

Ah ah…Medical school is 6 years minimum. No shortcuts.You will learn all you need to be healthier.

Will there be a replay?

No, there won’t be a replay.

I'm a health professional, can this help me see better outcomes in my patients?

Yes, knowledge from this class will help you give better nutrition advice to your clients and improve their health outcomes

What do I need to attend?

Willingness to learn, mobile device/laptop, mobile data/wifi, paper and pen

Will materials be shared to us in this class?

Yes, you will get a workbook to ensure that you’re in line with everything you’re taught.

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