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As a young teenager, I have always been overweight . Somehow, I assumed it was in my genes to be “big”.


Big bones, big body.So it’s genetic. Or so I thought…. Until I fell really sick. And the doctor said I should try loosing weight.
I started working on my meal portions, tried exercising a couple of times a week, and avoided junk food.
It was working. I started feeling lighter. My dresses got looser.
I could not believe it…..I was sculpting my dream body.
4 months later, I lost over 15kg. I was elated.
Then I met Bola…
6ft, chocolate, athletic build, deep baritone voice, courteous, engineer…. He was “my dream man”.
He swept me off my feet. We went on dates a lot. He bought me lots of midnight suya and other orishirishii…
He told me he loved his women big, with “quality volume” as he described.
I had my dream man, who didn’t want my dream body…..
To be continued


  • Nath

    September 3, 2017., 7:22 pm / Reply

    ...and I'm dreaming of the happy ending!

    • Dr Chinasa

      September 3, 2017., 9:22 pm / Reply

      Well....just stay tuned and find out. :) Thanks for reading Sir.

  • Chinyere

    September 3, 2017., 9:01 pm / Reply

    This jist wants to give me sleepless night o

    • Dr Chinasa

      September 3, 2017., 9:23 pm / Reply

      Lol. Thanks so much for reading. Subscribe, so you do not miss the follow up :)

  • Glorious

    September 4, 2017., 12:20 am / Reply

    Hmmmmm, it better be what I am thinking o! Dream man, dream body! Just hope there was an alignment or a conversion sha. Wehdone Sis!

    • Dr Chinasa

      September 5, 2017., 9:16 am / Reply

      i hope so too oh!

  • Emeka

    September 4, 2017., 6:19 am / Reply

    Hmmmmm.......... Interesting

    • Dr Chinasa

      September 5, 2017., 8:58 am / Reply

      Thanks so much for reading

  • Mildred

    September 4, 2017., 8:16 am / Reply

    I hope this dream man, dream body won't turn out to be a nightmere?

    • Dr Chinasa

      September 5, 2017., 8:58 am / Reply

      I hope not too.

  • Christizdee

    September 4, 2017., 11:48 am / Reply

    Hmmmmmm Lips sealed waiting to read to the end!!!!!!!!

    • Dr Chinasa

      September 5, 2017., 8:58 am / Reply

      Fingers crossed!

  • Adebisi Oyeniyi

    September 5, 2017., 5:44 pm / Reply

    Hmmmm....dream body and dream man combo with no alignment....?? Read d 2nd post before this one. Kudos!

    • Dr Chinasa

      September 5, 2017., 6:09 pm / Reply

      Thanks a lot for reading

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