The scales fell off my eyes. How could love hurt so bad? Bola said he loved me. How could I feel so much pain?
He didn’t call me back. He didn’t send any emails.
Oh…. I did. I called, and called, and called. Yes, I was blinded by love.
I cried so hard. Even though I couldn’t find the exact reason for my cries, I still cried. Bola was my soul mate. Was it possible to lose a soul mate over weight loss?
My heart was in shatters. It was broken irreparably. I was walking in shadows. I stopped exercising. I became a regular at ordering in pizza and soda. I almost didn’t care anymore.
Yeah almost! Until I remembered my worth! It took my friends Mirian and Ibukun to draw me out of my dark world.
They gave me reasons to believe all men were not like Bola.
I came out of the darkness 20kg heavier!
1 year later.
I have realized, no one can love me the way I do. It was harder losing that 20kg….and I promised to never let any man tilt me into such obese world anymore.
I have kept those promises thus far…. I am a better person. I am in love AGAIN with a man who loved me obese and loves me fit…. Even though he desires some flesh once a while…. (typical African man), He is proud of me. And he boasts of me.
I am losing weight on my terms, I am staying healthy on my terms, and am loving my man…. On my terms.